Caring for the earth : a strategy for survival

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Caring for the earth : a strategy for survival
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Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Survival is a book for everybody from national leaders and the heads of industry to individual citizens. Fully illustrated in colour with photographs from around the world, this strategy offers the reader a practical guide to the principles and actions on which the future of our societies depends.; The first part of the book explains the issues of conservation and of social and economic development. The second looks more deeply into the problems of human activity and the environment; each chapter deals with one area -- such as forests, oceans, farm and range lands, and industry and commerce -- and ends with a series of priority actions that summarize needs and point the way to the future. The final part of the book looks at the implementation of the proposed strategies, and gives further, more detailed plans.; Armed with this book -- a popular adaptation of Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living -- readers can consider their personal behaviour and lifestyles in the light of the actions proposed, and assess the policies and practices of the communities, groups and nations to which they belong.

London : Mitchell Beazley [Reed Consumer Books], 1993
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159p. : 200 colour plates, 10 colour maps and artwork ; 292 X 229mm (hardback)
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USD 40
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