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El libro rojo : la crisis de la extinción, cara a cara

Complete Title: 
El libro rojo : la crisis de la extinción, cara a cara
Non IUCN Publication



Drawing on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the world's most objective and authoritative inventory of species at risk of extinction, this publication combines awe-inspiring imagery with solid science and factual accounts. The result of a collaboration between industry and science, this dramatic new work conveys to the general public the urgency and scale of the current extinction crisis. It describes the extinction process, its causes, and the measures needed to reverse it in terms accessible to everyone. More than simply raising awareness, this book is a call for action to all sectors of society from industry to governments to educators, to work together to save biological diversity. Conserving this diversity is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind today and we hope this book will help inspire more people to take up that challenge.

Mexico City : Agrupación Sierra Madre, 2001
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311p. : ill.; 31x29 cm
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Includes bibliographic references. Separate language editions

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Record created: 2013/09/12
Record updated: 2023/09/04