Ecoagriculture : strategies to feed the world and save biodiversity

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Ecoagriculture : strategies to feed the world and save biodiversity
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This comprehensive report outlines a new solution to the biodiversity extinction crisis, in response to its warnings that unless farmers and the world’s poorest peoples can learn to coexist with wildlife, hundreds of species may be lost. The approach, called ecoagriculture, seeks to help farmers, most urgently those living in or near biodiversity hotspots, to grow more food while conserving habitats critical to wildlife. The approach dramatically breaks with both traditional conservation policies and common agriculture techniques. Through the use of several dozen case studies, the report documents six key ecoagriculture strategies in use around the world. These methods can help farmers in industrialized and developing countries protect wild species and conserve habitat on and near their land while increasing agricultural production and farmer incomes.

Washington, DC : Island Press, 2002
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xxvii, 323p. : ill.
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Includes bibliographic references. Title on the cover : Ecoagriculture : strategies to feed the world and save wild biodiversity. A preliminary report "Common ground, common future : how ecoagriculture can help feed the world and save wild biodiversity" was published in 2001.

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