Managing protected areas : a global guide

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Managing protected areas : a global guide
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The most authoritative guide ever compiled to the principles and practice of park (or ‘protected area’) management – essential for all professionals and students in all countries and contexts. There are over 108,000 parks/protected areas on Earth, covering 13.5 million square kilometres – an area the size of China and India combined. Produced by renowned experts from IUCN, the world’s largest and most important conservation network, whose membership includes 82 States, 111 government agencies, 800 NGOs, and 10,000 scientists and experts from 181 countries This authoritative handbook, produced by IUCN, spans the full terrain of protected area management and is the international benchmark for all professionals, students and academics worldwide. The book employs dozens of detailed international cases studies, hundreds of concise topical snapshots, maps, tables, illustrations and a colour plate section, as well as evaluation tools, checklists and numerous appendices to cover all aspects of park management from biodiversity to natural heritage to financial management. The book establishes a conceptual underpinning for protected area management, presents guiding principles for the 21st century, reflects recent work on international best practice and provides an assessment of skills required by professionals. The publication is relevant to the full range of management systems worldwide, balancing more traditional, developed country approaches with developing country systems including participatory, integrated, multi-sectoral and value-driven approaches.

London : Earthscan, 2006
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xxx, 802p. : ill.
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Includes bibliographic references and an index

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