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Primates of West Africa : a field guide and natural history

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Primates of West Africa : a field guide and natural history
Non IUCN Publication

West Africa, from the coast of Senegal to Lake Chad and Cameroon's Sanaga River, is home to 60 primate species and subspecies, 46 of which occur nowhere else. They range from the nocturnal angwantibo, pottos, and galagos, to the mangabeys, baboons, and the drill, to guenons and colobus monkeys. In addition, no less than three of the great apes are restricted to this region, including two chimpanzees and the Cross River gorilla. This comprehensive guide provides a brief introduction to the region, its topography, climate, vegetation, native peoples and history, and includes as well essays on the classification and evolutionary history of the region's primates, and a review of conservation activities and primate field research projects since the 1960s. The bulk of the book is dedicated to accounts for each primate species and subspecies, providing information not only on their identifying features and geographic distributions, but also on their natural history -- their populations and habitats, locomotion, vocalizations, activity patterns, diets and feeding, ranging, and social behaviors.

Arlington, VA : Conservation International, 2011
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xiv, 556p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references.

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