WCC 2012 Res 125

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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2012 Jeju
English title: 
Promotion of the Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON)
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French title: 
Promotion du Réseau d’observation de la biodiversité Asie-Pacifique (AP-BON)
Spanish title: 
Promoción de la Red de observación de la biodiversidad de Asia-Pacífico (AP-BON)
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Environmental governance
Human well-being/development
Education, capacity building, public awareness, communication
Geographic scope: 
East Europe, North and Central Asia
West Asia
South and East Asia
Pacific Ocean
Republic of Korea

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WCC 2012 Res 125 - Activity Report 2014 IUCN Member 5937D95E-80D7-E411-B2A4-002655853524 Following the discovery of a coral colony in Iraqi territorial water for the first time, the Ministry of Environment (MoE), has requested the Marine Science Centre (MSC) prepare a report.
WCC 2012 Res 125 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Secretariat Vietnam Country Office Since 2009 a series of meetings and side events have been held on AP-BON.
WCC 2012 Res 125 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Member 5937D95E-80D7-E411-B2A4-002655853524 On their first marine cruise (Towards the Gulf 1st) on Naseem Al-Basrah Vessel which extended from May 30th through June 7th, 2015, MSC researches, along with the German diving team from Freiberg Univ
WCC 2012 Res 125 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Member 5937D95E-80D7-E411-B2A4-002655853524 Biodiversity surveys - see attached report On February 4, 2015, a female Iraqi soft fur beaver was found in the Sallal-Al-Mashab marsh, in an area previously un-inhabited by these beavers, a sign whi