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Transboundary conservation : a new vision for protected areas

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Transboundary conservation : a new vision for protected areas
IUCN Publication

Transboundary conservation areas are environmentally endangered regions that sprawl across international borders and contain multiple protected areas. Recent studies estimate that there are now 188 transboundary conservation areas in 112 countries, making up about 17 percent of the designated protected areas around the world. This book specifically examines 28 of these areas, found across all continents, from Asia to Antarctica, and in several oceans. Eminent scientists and conservationists contribute detailed histories of the areas, from the birth of the initial conservation efforts to the latest research that reveals new regions and assesses the success of the programs to protect existing ones. Accompanying the analyses are Conservation International’s trademark vibrant full-colour photographs that powerfully document these rapidly disappearing treasures.

Mexico City : CEMEX; Agrupación Sierra Madre, 2005
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369p. : ill.; 31x29 cm
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