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Status of Caribbean coral reefs after bleaching and hurricanes in 2005

Complete Title: 
Status of Caribbean coral reefs after bleaching and hurricanes in 2005
Non IUCN Publication

This publication documents the devastating effects of hurricanes on coral reefs in the Caribbean in 2005, the hottest year on record. This report catalogues the impacts of the warming and storms during 2005 and 2006. The valuable information in this book underscores that urgent actions are needed to assist reefs in recovery by focusing on natural resistance and resilience as well as removing threats posed by human activities that slow or even prevent recovery from these damaging events. More importantly, these findings are critical for the peoples of the Caribbean who are highly dependent on these coral reef resources, which provide food and family income when they are healthy.

Townsville : Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network; Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, 2008
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iv, 148 p. : ill., maps
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1447 6185

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Record created: 2013/09/12
Record updated: 2023/10/10