In focus : Tanguar Haor

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In focus : Tanguar Haor
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The Tanguar Haor, in northeastern Bangladesh, is part of a wetland/floodplain complex. During the monsoon season it is entirely under water. In the dry season waters recede into the rivers and cover about 25–30% of the area. These bodies of water attract many waterfowl during the winter season and are also an important breeding ground of many species of fish. Tanguar Haor provides immediate subsistence and livelihoods to some 40,000 people residing in its periphery but the standards of living are very poor, and these wetlands are exploited in unsustainable ways. The Bangladesh government has introduced the concept of “wise-use” to encourage the sustainable use of the Tanguar Haor resources. The beautiful photographs in this book show the pristine and undisturbed natural beauty of this spot, as well as its interaction with people living around it.

Dhaka : IUCN Bangladesh, 2009
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124p. : ill., maps
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