WCC 2016 Res 061

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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2016 Hawai'i
English title: 
Mitigating the impacts of oil palm expansion and operations on biodiversity
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French title: 
Atténuer les effets de l’expansion des plantations et de l´exploitation de palmiers à huile sur la biodiversité
Spanish title: 
Mitigación de los impactos de la expansión de la palma de aceite y de las actividades ligadas a su cultivo sobre la biodiversidad
Spanish file: 
Private sector
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WCC 2016 Res 061 - Activity Report 2017 IUCN Species Survival Commission 2017-2020 IUCN SSC Oil Palm Task Force 2017-2020 We have conducted two workshops to discuss the development of the Situation Analysis on Oil Palm and Biodiversity and the formation of the Oil Palm Task Force as requested in Resolution 061.