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Global land outlook : Northeast Asia thematic report

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Global land outlook : Northeast Asia thematic report. Partnerships to achieve land degradation neutrality
Non IUCN Publication

In the Northeast Asia sub-region, environmental pollution, transboundary sand and dust storms (SDS), agricultural expansion, deforestation, and overgrazing are growing challenges that are being further complicated by the impacts of climate change. Desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) are a significant problem affecting soil, air and water quality, threatening forest and woodlands, pasture and rangelands as well as irrigated and rain-fed croplands that support the livelihoods of more than half of the sub-region’s population. Today, there is a need to improve coordination amongst the various actors involved in current partnerships and establish new ones that allow for long-term planning, monitoring and follow-up, improved access to information, and the enhanced capacity to address uncertainties, such as climate change. The goal of this report is to document the main elements of partnerships, programmes and projects that are ongoing or have been completed in the region. This report represents an important effort to bring together key actors, demonstrate success stories and lessons learnt, and enhance the future effectiveness of regional partnerships and cooperation.

Bonn : UNCCD, 2019
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84p. : ill.
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Record created: 2019/10/24
Record updated: 2020/04/10