The Congo basin : human and natural resources

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The Congo basin : human and natural resources
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The Congo Basin encompasses an enormous region of Central Africa. Up to the present day, the area has a more or less continuous forest cover and is rich in biodiversity. The lowland forest of the Congo Basin for instance, is the most species-rich forest in Africa. In particular species groups of the region, endemism is high. Currently however, apart from the present political instability causing massive problems to people and nature alike, factors like timber exploitation, forest fires, plantations, hunting, population growth and mining all contribute greatly to deforestation and loss of biodiversity in the area. Moreover, the environment of forest peoples is heavily affected. The book describes in a series of articles by various authors the biological and cultural diversity of the region as well as the present threats and analyses local, national and international initiatives aimed at the protection, sustainable use and management of the Congo Basin.

Amsterdam : Netherlands Committee for IUCN, 1998
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214p. : ill., maps
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Collection of articles in English or French, with an abstract in the other language. Includes bibliographic references. PDF available on a CD-ROM

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